Skimpy lace lingerie, killer pouts and a whole lot of provocative lolly licking… the Sugar Baby of the Year competition is back!

Launched in 2015, the contest aims to find the sexiest woman on SeekingArrangement, the world’s largest online dating website that matches wealthy benefactors with those looking for ‘mutual beneficial relationships’.

Thousands of glamorous submissions have been painstakingly whittled down to just 15 ambitious young women by the US-based pageant hosts.

From a Miami socialite to a single mum-of-three, an ex-porn star, a Kim Kardashian lookalike and a law school graduate, this year’s crop of finalists sure are a mixed bunch.

Fans can voted for their favourite on the SeekingArrangement website and the winner will be announced during the Sugar Baby Summit in London in May.

The champion will become the brand’s ambassador as well as bagging a £8,000 cash prize and the front of the 2017 Sugar Baby Calendar.

Here, we meet the underwear-clad hopefuls.



Self-proclaimed Kim Kardashian lookalike, Aziza has attracted hoards of sugar daddies thanks to her ample assets and glossy locks.

The reality star doppelganger got fans hot under the collar by provocatively eating an ice lolly in a pair of high-waisted black knickers during the SeekingArrangement shoot.

The 26-year-old graduate uses the money received from her arrangements to fund her studies.



Mum-of-three Samantha says sugar daddies have allowed her to stay at home and care for her three children.

The 24-year-old blonde from Arizona is able to provide her young brood with everything they need thanks to her generous allowance.



Former porn star Gisele has literally found a new lease of life since becoming a sugar baby.

The 24-year-old brunette from Los Angeles has used her wealthy benefactors to help fund her real estate career, as well as pay for her rent and clothes.

She said: “I’m your typical girl next door; laid back and like to have fun all while having the skills and sexual energy of an adult actress.

“Oh, and I really appreciate good conversation. Yes, there’s more to me than just sex. I have the brains too.”



Student Asia says her sugar daddies have helped pay for her education.

The 25-year-old from Birmingham, Alabama, describes herself as a “small town girl” whose eyes have been “opened up to luxury” since she joined the website.

The curvaceous beauty posed topless for the contest shoot, saving her modesty by crossing her arms across her chest while holding two ice cream cones.



Aspiring model Briana turned to SeekingArrangement because she grew “tired of regular dating”.

The 23-year-old from Las Vegas commented:

“Sugaring allows me to enjoy some of the benefits of a relationship without the extra nonsense.

“Working my day job and pursuing my dream career only leaves so much time for dating. They genuinely want to make use of our time together and have fun.”

Briana has travelled the world with her sugar daddies.



Vanessa had a tough upbringing and had to work hard to make a living.

The 22-year-old professional make-up artist from California seeks out wealthy male benefactors who can help provide her with financial stability and let her experience things she wasn’t able to before.

The blonde posed in the bath covered in doughnuts for the SeekingArrangement shoot.



Blonde bombshell Emily says her boyfriend doesn’t mind that she is a sugar baby.

The 18-year-old from California joined SeekingArrangement in a bid to find “like-minded individuals” who she could socialise with.

She said: “Being a sugar baby means having fun and building strong connections with individuals whose presence I genuinely enjoy and benefit from.

“It means I get to partake in exciting outings and activities learn from successful intellectuals, sometimes developing mentorships along the way, and often end the recipient of extreme generosity and praise.”

She shoots down claims sugar babies are “shallow”.



Cocktail waitress Jeannie was one of thousands left homeless after this summer’s devastating flood swept through Louisiana.

The 23-year-old, who posed in a pair of kinky black knickers while licking a pink lollipop for the shoot, is hoping to rebuild her life with help from her arrangements.



Unlike most students, Candice has completed her law degree without running up any debts.

The 26-year-old from Philadelphia got her sugar daddies to pay for her university course and is now seeking employment at a practice.

She posed for the sexy shoot in a white see-through bra and a bed sheet.



Student Jasmine has helped win over a variety of men with her thrill-seeking personality.

The 24-year-old from Belmar, New Jersey, said: “When I’m not at work l model on the side.

“I enjoying being active and outdoors. Fitness and fashion have a huge influence in my life, as well as my passion for art.”

She describes herself as a “small town girl” who was “raised with southern values”.



One of Baltimore’s most sought after fashion models, Nyasha – who recently walked in Kanye West’s Yeezy show – is known not only for her exotic look, but also revered for her community efforts.

After being illegally evicted from her home, the 26-year-old started ‘Save a Homeless Homies’ to help build shelters for homeless youth and young adults of Baltimore.

She also serves as a coordinator for YES (Youth Empowered Society) Drop-In Center, another cause seeking to end homelessness.



Miami socialite JeaneMarie receives a monthly allowance of up to £30,000 from her three arrangements.

The 25-year-old, who is fluent in four languages, believes women should use their charm and sexuality to advance themselves in life.

She said: “Men already take advantage of our own sexuality, so it’s only right that we take our own assets and use them for our benefit.”



Los Angeles-based Maritza has used her arrangements to help her launch a business.

The 23-year-old single mum-of-one said:

“I’ve had very successful arrangements, where they became more of a mentor and helped me in my career and guided me on how to successfully build my business.”

The brunette has had nearly a dozen Sugar Daddies.



Marketing professional Sheila was in a dead-end relationship and was stressed at work when she decided to jack it all in and join SeekingArrangement.

The 29-year-old marketing professional from California turned to the dating site in search of financial assistance and mentorship.

She said: “This site puts young entrepreneurial women in the position to better their lives and their lifestyles.

“I’ve not only increased my circle of successful businessman, but I’ve also experienced a side of life that I don’t believe I could have achieved on my own.”



New Yorker Susie loves the “no strings attached” element of sugar baby dating.

The 25-year-old model has had a “great daddy” for the past four years who she has travelled the world with.

She said: “He has help me live my dreams of being in playboy and surgery. I love to travel, fine dining, shoes, volunteer, read about anything, dance and play video games.”

Meanwhile, a British sugar baby has previously revealed how she has made £100,000 from her wealthy benefactors.

While UK-based students have joined SeekingArrangement to fund their studies.

Credits: The SUN UK


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