Behold the ultimate Hero! He is none other than Christopher Okagbue. Turn the hands of time a week back. After winning yet another task, Christopher Okagbue was asked by show anchor, Bob Manuel for his reaction.

With a dead pan expression on his face, the Anambra State born Model turned to the other contestants: “Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid”.

Either they failed to take him serious or they simply could not cope with the Anambra State born model. It doesn’t matter anyway.

Today, Christopher has shown the world that he is in a class of his own by winning the 2011 Edition of the Gulder Ultimate Search.

However, his final triumph was anything but easy. He had to go through a gruelling task and a painstaking search for the ultimate treasure in the Ososo forest before winning the competition.

The first task required the four surviving contenders, Tony Igwe, Christopher Okagbue, Kelvin Durst and Anastasia Azike to climb a mountain using ropes to get to symbols arranged in a definite order.

After memorizing the arrangement, they were to climb down the mountain and replicate the arrangement with symbols provided for them.

Still the stage belongs to Christopher Okagbue for winning the competition. Indeed, it is a new lease of life for the Anambra State born Champion as he has walked away with N7 Million, A Brand New SUV & N500,000 Wardrobe Allowance For One Year.

Anastasia Azike would also get N1 Million for being The Last Girl Standing.


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