A Nigerian Lady Olufunmilola Twitter: @Funmijames took to social media to narrate her experience with a traffic robber while heading towards Chevron roundabout, Lekki Expressway.

The incident reportedly happened at about 7am this morning.

The glass of her car was smashed by a thief in broad daylight.

Instead of giving up, she put up a fight.

Luckily for her, her husbands car wasn’t too far away from hers so the moment he approached — the thief scampered away.

She got bruised but didn’t lose any of her belongings but she insisted she was disappointed that everyone around her just continued looking and refused to help.

Her tweets on the incident below.

Twitter User @FunmiJames:

1. i got robbed this morning at 7am just after the Chevron toll gate heading towards the Chevron roundabout.

2. no I didn’t have anything in my car, my laptop and hand bag were in the trunk. My phone underneath the seat.

3. a guy walked up to my car, smashed the window on my side and stuck a knife in my face asking for my phone et al

4. it was bright, there was traffic, people were in their cars no one bated an eyelid. Everyone looked away.

5. I fought the guy, I think that surprised him most of all. I fit the typical demographic for this pattern of attack.

6. but he was not expecting resistance. I was more angry than scared. Bad enough I am in traffic then u try to rob me….

7. only one person came down to help me. And that was because it was my husband who was 2 cars behind me.

8. as soon as he saw he would not have it easy. The guy ran away. I have cuts & bruises but the satisfaction of not giving in

9. when did we as people get to the place where we refuse to lend a helping hand to someone in need?

10. I am not saying come and fight the guy off. But if 2 people had gotten down from their cars, the guy would have given up.

11. it is this apathy that makes these touts able to rob with impunity in broad daylight. No one bothers to help,l

12. if we don’t help each other out, next time it could be a wife, sister, daughter or friend in the situation I was in today

13. I was bloody, bruised yet people just drove around my car to move on. I’m not askin anyone to be a hero but don’t stand by

14. we say there’s safety in numbers. I was in traffic with cars all around, 7am. Yet I could have been alone at that spot.

15. all it would have taken was 2 maybe 3 people raisin an alarm, getting down from their cars. That tout would have run off.


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