A Student of UNILAG..LUTH to be precise was reportedly bathed with Hot Soup by her room-mate for reasons yet to be discovered.

But Sources have said..”She got bathed with the soup for snatching her room-mates boyfriend” while another reliable source is stating She Got Bathed With The Soup for using her room-mates pot to cook without permission. She has been said to have been involved in several altercations with that particular room-mate”.


Hello Campus Heat,

I am Anita (picture above) the girl who was said to be behind the Hot Soup Attack on my roommate Bola.

What Really Happened:

Th incident happenned on the 18th September, 2011 @ The Radiography Hostel, Taylor Drive, Yaba, Lagos.

That morning, I, Bola (The Victim) and other people in the room had a serious quarrel over Bola and her Friend Temi gossiping about us that stay in the room but the issue was settled and we all apologised to each other and everything went as usual.
In the afternoon, i decided to cook using a pot i found on a table in a room. I was also charging my fone in Bola’s space cos the hotplate i was using was plugged to a socket in my space.

Bola (The Victim) came in, saw my fone and threw it away with my charger. I picked my phone up and went back to my space. Then She said the pot i was using was hers and I said I didn’t know it was hers that i would clean it up and return it when i was done cooking.

She refused and started yelling at me telling me that she would show me she’s a real mushin girlShe took the pot with the stew in it off the hotplate and dropped it on the corridor outside the room.

I put it back on the hot plate and suddenly she hit me on my shoulder..a fight ensued, we were seperated and people told me to return the pot, so I like went back to the room and while i was transfering the stew to another pot she rushed into the room like someone that was on drugs and dragged the pot from me and then the stew splashed on my hand, her neck and her chest.

Then she started beating me again by sitting on me and hitting the pot on my head mercilessly; i was rescued and detained at the security unit till Tuesday, September 20 in which i was released on a condition that to be reporting to the security unit on a daily basis till she’s ok and then the school will take the necessary actions.

You Can View The Pictures of Bola Before & After The Burns below …




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