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UNILAG: My Room-mates Rich Boyfriend of 2 Years is like REALLY Disturbing Me; Please …[Love, Sex & You]

Hey Guys.. Pls tell me what to do.

I’m a UNILAG Student ..a girl.

I stay @ Emerald (outside school) …got the space a month ago.

My new room-mates RICH boyfriend (i heard they’ve been together for like 2years) from like the first day he saw me, stole my bb pin from her phone, added me and started confessing all sorts of love to the extent he’s now claiming I’m the one he has been searching for his whole life.

I tried to find out what she would do if she heard he was a Bum, she said he could never hurt her that its probably the “friend” that’s being a whore so obviously me telling her is not an option.

He’s like really disturbing me, he bought half the accessoriess I’ve put in the room since I moved in and I’ve like not done anything with him. at least not yet.

What do you guys think I should Do ..Please..

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