A massive bomb exploded on friday morning within the compound of the United Nations building in Abuja killing several people.
Witness accounts have it that the driver of a big truck forcefully drove through the security exit gates into the massive compound and went straight into the basement, before the vehicle exploded in a volte of blasts that reverberated several kilometres away.

It is believed that the blast was so large that it destroyed a wing of the UN office.

Michael Ofilaje, a UNICEF worker at the building, said: “I saw scattered bodies. Many people are dead.”
Ofilaje also said it felt like “the blast came from the basement and shook the building“.
The building houses about 400 employees of the UN in Nigeria and the majority of its offices.
One of the security sources there said “This is very likely the work of Boko Haram and, or, AQIM (al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb) and is a serious escalation in the security situation in Nigeria. This is the worst thing that could have happened,”.

Well, a representative of the Boko Haram Sect. came forward today (Saturday) to say that “the reason they attacked the United Nations building in Abuja was because United States and the UN were supporting the Federal government of Nigeria in persecuting Muslims all over the country“.
One Abu Kakah, who spoke on behalf of the spokesman of the group Abu Zaid while addressing newsmen in Maiduguri via the telephone said “they considered the United States, the UN and the Nigeria government as a common enemy and such they would continue to attack them because they are infringing on the right of the muslims”.


Three weeks after the United Nations House bomb blast, the UN Resident Coordinator in Nigeria, Mr. Daouda Toure , Wednesday announced the names of UN members of staff and other non UN persons killed in the August 26 bomb attack. Mr. Daouda Toure confirmed that 23 persons were killed in the attack of which 11 were UN personnel and 12 non-UN persons.

The names of the deceased and their respective agencies and organisations are as follows:

United Nations Staff

  • Ms Rahmat Abdullahi, Registry clerk, UNDP,
  • Mr Musa Ali, zonal Logistics Assistant for the North-west Zone, WHO,
  • Mr Johnson Awotunde, Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, UNICEF,
  • Dr Edward Dede, National Professional Officer, WHO,
  • Mr Elisha Enaburekhan, Driver, UNAIDS;
  • Mr. Ahmed Abiodun Adewale-Kareem, Shipping Assistant, UNICEF;
  • Mr. IIiya David Musa, Receptionist, U.N. Common Services, UNDP;
  • Ms Ingrid Midtgaard, Associate Expert, UNODC;
  • Mrs Felicia Nkwuokwu, Receptionist, U.N Common Services, UNDP,
  • Mr. Stephen Obamoh, ERT Radio Operator, UNDP;
  • Mr. Abraham A. Osunsaya, Administrative Assistant, WHO.

Non United Nations Staff:

  • Mr. Sunday James Ebere: Shipping Agent, Balast Agency;
  • Mr. Ndubisi Bright, Hospitality Industry Consults;
  • Mr Paul Waziri: Nigeria Cleaning Services;
  • Ms Kate Demehin: Federal Ministry Of Health;
  • Ms Caroline Michael,
  • Guard; Mr Sunday Omelenyi
  • Guard; Mr Yakubu Garuba
  • Guard; Mr Abiodun
  • Cyril Adeseye Julius Berger;
  • Ms Patricia Ekweringe Travel Agent;
  • Ms Joy Audu Nigeria Cleaning Services and two unidentified persons.


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