The net is buzzing right now as the taping of the 2012 BET Hip-hop Awards took place last night in Atlanta.

Maybach Music Group Boss Rick Ross allegedly got into a brawl with Young Jeezy.

It took an army of guards to break it up and left a trail of destruction backstage — and TMZ got the intense footage on tape.

In the video, security can be seen stepping in between the various combatants almost immediately, separating everyone before the fight got out of hand.

A shirtless Rick Ross can be seen yelling before being escorted away from the scene. Whoever Ross was yelling at tried to follow after him, but security stepped in before he could get there.

There was one casualty however — a random mirror.

According to Atlanta PD, no arrests were made.

Top DJ .. DJ Drama was there and he recounted what he witnessed.

As I’m leaving I see Snowman on the way out […] I see Rick Ross walking, the two of them stopped right next to each other

Some words got exchanged, security got a little hostile […] some interesting conflicting between Ross and Jeezy. it just went bad!”



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