kimkardashiankanyewestkrishumphriesgi received a BLOCKBUSTER report from a person with CLOSE TIES to rapper Kanye West.

Apparently Yeezy is trying to DISTANCE HIMSELF from his newly pregnant babys mother Kim Kardashian.

The insider who asked for anonymity tells us that Kanye has been AVOIDING his babys moms – and doing his best NOT to spend time with her.

The insider explained, “Kanye was coming to Abu Dhabi for a concert and Kim wanted to come with him cause she loves that place.

Ye didn’t allow her because he said it was dangerous for her to travel while pregnant.

But the real reason is his closest friends (Hov included) keep telling him to show up less with Kim, because she’s always a bad look for his image.”

And now Kanye is making an UNPRECEDENTED move. We’re told that Kanye plans on MOVING TO PARIS for the next two months (at least) until he finishes his new album. Kim, we’re told, is being asked to stay in the United States and give him space while he works and sorts things out.

Wow . . . he’s ALREADY moved out and they JUST bought that house together. This chick can’t hold a man for SH*T!!!

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    neva show love to them whores


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