MADE in Chelsea’s Olivia Bentley casually snorted cocaine in front of strangers at a party.

The ex-public schoolgirl, 21, last night faced the axe from E4’s reality show after a fellow reveller filmed her.

A disgusted witness said: “She brazenly sat there doing drugs in front of a roomful of people.

“She comes across as a bit of a goody two shoes, so I couldn’t believe it.

“I’d have thought she’d be more careful. She did it like it was the most normal thing in the world.”


The scandal comes as it emerged Made in Chelsea producers’ claims that she is related to car maker W.O. Bentley are false.

The party footage was taken at a house party in Chelsea following a night out.

It shows her sitting at a coffee table with three lines of white powder on it.


She even boasts to fellow guests: “I’m on a TV show so people write s*** all the time. I quite like reading the articles.”

The star then uses a rolled-up banknote to sniff a line of coke, before dabbing at what is left and licking her finger.

The source said: “There were about 30 people there. Because it was in Chelsea, her stomping ground, she knew most of them.

“But there were people she didn’t know. I was shocked she’d do drugs in front of them.

“She’ll regret it if she is booted off the show.”


Before the house Olivia partied into the early hours at Soho nightclub Distrikt.

Her 6am drugs shame came as she continued partying at the friend’s house until after dawn.

The source who was at the bash on September 24 said: “She carried on drinking and dancing.

When I left at around 10am the party was dying down but Olivia showed no sign of slowing up and was full of energy.”


Olivia, who lives with her parents in Oxfordshire, is a photographer specialising in nude pics.

Exhibitions of her snaps have featured her posing starkers herself. She was educated at £28,000-a-year Bradfield College in Berkshire.

She first appeared on Made in Chelsea earlier this year.

Producers claims W.O Bentley, founder of the luxury car firm, was her great-great-great-grandad were denied by his descendants.

She now faces a showdown with bosses comes weeks after the latest series started.

Made in Chelsea has been dogged by drug scandals.

Four years ago The Sun revealed how Spencer Matthews, 27, snorted lines of coke.

Credits: The Sun UK


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