It was a joyful reunion when a 14 year-old, Ranti Opeloye, earlier abducted by a syndicate involved in ritual killings in Ado Ekiti, regained her freedom and returned home after four days sojourn in the ritualists’ den.

Ranti, a student of All Soul’s Anglican Grammar School, Ado Ekiti, was seized by a six-man gang of ritualists from where she had gone to buy vegetable at Basiri area of the state capital around 4p.m.

They took her to an unknown destination, after being charmed.

Apparently rejected by the oracle in the forest where she was taken to, the young girl was later dumped at a remote area in Ado Ekiti the following Thursday after spending four days with her abductors

Narrating her ordeal to newsmen, Ranti recounted how she was ordered by members of the gang to enter a waiting vehicle which was used for the operation.

The teenager, whose father , Mr Kolade Omolade, a native of Afao Ekiti is a Traffic Warden with the Ekiti State Police Command said, the men immediately covered her face with a black hood and drove her into a bush, where she was tied to a tree alongside several other old and young victims.

Continuing, she said she saw a deep cave where the ritualists took the next victim to and got an envelope in exchange, which she suspected to be money after the victim had been certified to be appropriate for the ritual.

The released victim suspected the two students kidnapped alongside with her to be students of Christ’s Girl School, Ado Ekiti, adding that the students had not been killed when she was relased. .

The three of us were hung outside the cave, but I knew that those that were the real ritualists were inside the cave.

“When a victim is taking into the cave and he is good for ritual, they will give the kidnappers an envelope, which I think contains huge amount of money”.

Explaining how she finally escaped she said; “On Thursday when I was to be killed, I struggled with them as they were dragging me into the cave and a man just emerged and ordered them to take me to where they picked me without giving the reasons and that was how I was charmed again and I became unconscious until I was brought into this Church”.

Corroborating, Ranti’s sister, Mrs Kemi Olayiwola, who sighted her where she was dropped and brought her to a Church said, she could neither stand nor speak when she was brought to the Church.

Adding that members of the family had searched for the victim everywhere in the State capital without success before she was found.

Speaking in the same manner, the Leader of the Church, Pastor Lanre Idowu told the newsmen that he had to hurriedly assemble the Church’s prayer warriors for a special prayer session before Ranti could regain her consciousness.

She behaved like a moron when she was brought here, but after about one hour of prayers , she began to regain her consciousness”.



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